Bear Bells and Mountain Trails

Now that I am newly outdoorsy, I try to consciously spend at least two days a week outside – mostly on long meandering jaunts through the many state and federal parks nearby. I have spent many a glorious afternoon wandering through the woods, taking any trail that interests me, especially if it has an enticing […]

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Moose on the Run

I LOVE moose. I have a moose necklaces, shirts, and art. I always stop to take a picture whenever I see one grazing on the side of the road, which happens fairly often since I live on a forested mountain. I love that they’re gentle giants, for the most part. They are one of the […]

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Monica’s Monthly Media Recommendations: Qualitree Plant Audiobooks

In this month’s media recommendations, I’m sharing five audiobooks about one of my favorite subjects – plants! I love audiobooks about non-fiction topics especially because I sometimes find it challenging to choose serious books over more lighthearted novels. Let’s face it, books about plants can often be dry, but the narration adds animation to the […]

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A Shift in Climate Change Management

This week I’m sharing my favorite essay from my environmental senior capstone seminar.   Introduction Human-induced climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet and has devastating consequences for all systems and organisms. About 262 million people were affected by climate disasters in 2004 alone, and more than 98% of them were in developing countries […]

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